What do circuses, electricity and the flight path of planets have in common? They are in some sense circular, looped, endowed with a love of spin. The seasons, the humours of man, growth rings on trees are all the consequence of the majestic pirouetting dance of the earth and sun than drives the seasonal in the part of the northern hemisphere I inhabit. What gifts the four seasons have brought us; they are then engine of drama, of exploration, of poetry; they bring joy to birdwatchers and fishermen. Religion and ritual, feast and festival.

I am fascinated by the beginning of kingship, the story of the Western European passage tombs, especially the Irish ones; I started out playing rock and roll and writing songs and stumbled into an incredible story that I believe has not yet been told fully. My dream and hope is that this blog will help to shape and clarifiy my ideas as I try to put them in book form. The book is provisionally titled The Stone Boat.