I started off the Vallancey blog in 2009 with a commentary about corruption in football. Then abandoned it, until now. Vallancey was a kind of attempt to bridge my diverse interests; art, archaeology, anthropology, seasonality, performance, editing, theatre, music. I am interested in performances that bridge theatre and archaeology, music and spoken word. I have a quite a few talks done and articles written, or half written, a book planned. Lots of images scattered through various hard drives. A whole body of music, some which is in the public domain, some not. Yet I would love a simple nicely designed theme. The task involved, the number of choices of templates, some of which are expensive, seems overwhelming. At the moment I am just going through templates, wondering if I am going to change the name of the blog (and decide on a definite focus).

I have seen some amazing sites on Tumblr in the last while, I wonder how they are done. All I know is, I am not planning to get into editing html. Been there, done that, don’t wanna go back. If you visit, hope you can find your way around, please bear with me till the site gets sorted out. And any advice or suggestions are more than welcome.