Thanks to Glenn William Brooks from the Official Bowie Facebook page for pointing me to this extraordinary Tumblr site. A lively discussion regarding its authorshipGlenn tells me it was only posted in Novemberhas ensued. I won’t add anything to that here, except to say that the connection to the world of Gaelic mythology is emphasised in some of the posts, and that ifas some have supposedthe work is not that of a very prescient fan, but Bowie or someone from his team, then my push towards a more optimistic reading of the lyrical and video content may be pushing ahead of the dame! But my argument for cyclicality, and perhaps reincarnation still works, I think.

One of the most provocative images is the one involving the closet. Is this the female ‘guide’, perhaps Nut, making her entrance? Its point of origin is a post dated Saturday 31 October 2015, by a talented artist and photographer Michalina Woźniak

A number of the images on Villa of Ormen Tumblr site come from Michalina, another is the work of artist Amber Vaks and/or photographer/artist Ben Hopper. Basically its a whole series of images pulled together from various sources, by a blogger who does not conceal her identity.