Hi There Internet land! Vallancey here from Ireland. The original Vallancey was sometimes looked on by commentators of later eras as a bit of an eejit, but he was one of the first people in the 18th century to suggest that the ancestors of the Irish of his time built the amazing megaliths like Newgrange and Lough Crew etc. He used a wild imagination to infer connections between native American languages, Phonecian, and Irish. Most of the time Monsieur Vallancey was off beam. But in the process of being wrong he kicked off a major chunk of the fundamentals of modern linguistics. So – in the spirit of Vallancey, here goes. The topics in here will vary widely. Hope I can find time to keep up regular contributions. Comments, input, debate always welcome. This is my first attempt at a blog, so I am sure I am doing lots of things wrong. I don’t have a category, for instance. But hopefully I’ll sort this out as I go. Any advice, suggestions are welcome, too!